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Degree Specialization inCRIMINAL FORENSICS

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Venture inside the mind of a criminal. Become an expert on analyzing crime scene evidence to help investigations through forensic science.

Forget what you’ve seen on TV crime shows. This program uses practical application and hands-on instruction to teach you how to analyze crime scene evidence and help solve crimes and other investigations.

You’ll learn the treatment of witnesses and suspects, the proper handling of evidence, and the legal procedures and requirements for working on an open investigation. These specialized courses are ideally suited for students pursuing or currently working in careers as criminal examiners, crime scene analysts, investigators, and more.

This program consists of five upper-division online criminal forensics courses for a total of 15 credit hours.

  • CRJ325: Introduction to Forensic Psychology

    In this course, students examine major areas of interest shared by psychology and law, including the use of psychological assessments in court, issues of criminal responsibility, criminal profiling, and the use of psychological knowledge in prisons. Students apply knowledge of human behavior and through processes to a variety of legal contexts covered in this course.

  • CRJ336: Criminal Investigation

    In this course, students examine the theory and practice of modern investigation methods for law enforcement and private sector agencies. Topics include techniques and procedure for evidence collection, preservation, and presentation, as well as investigation resources, including crime laboratory and databases. Students explore current investigative techniques and tools applied in criminal investigations and also address exciting trending topics such as cybercrime, profiling, and white collar crime. (This course is also offered through CBE. Credits earned using this option will appear on transcripts with an “EX” suffix.)

  • CRJ426: Investigative and Forensic Interviewing

    This course addresses the importance of conducting investigative interview and interrogations as the foundation for all levels of law enforcement in investigative case work, intelligence development, and assessment and planning. The major course components include structure of the interview, cognitive interviewing, detection of deception, and elements of interrogation.

  • CRJ450: Investigative Forensic Photography

    The course introduces students to the art of reproducing crime, accident, or autopsies scenes using photography to aid in investigation or for the benefit of a court. Students examine the principles, theory, techniques and ethics of photography in digital format as applied in criminal investigation and within the field of forensics. Discussions are focused on the use of photographs in court and the testimony of the photography. Recommended Prior Course: None

  • CRJ465: Physical Methods in Forensic Science

    This course serves as an introduction to the application of scientific methods for the examination of physical evidence in the criminal justice system including microscopy, ballistics, pattern recognition, and fingerprint analysis. Students apply critical thinking skills to analyze evidence using scientific processes and procedures.

You have two options for completing your online criminal forensics program:

#1 - Certificate of Completion or #2 Specialization


A Non-Degree Certificate of Completion

Quickly enhance your resume by gaining knowledge and skills in a specific area that meets your career goals.

If you decide you’re interested in earning your full degree at a later date, the credits you earned in your Certificate of Completion program may count towards your degree!

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A Specialization in Your Bachelor’s Degree

Add an area of focus to your degree that can help you stand out to future employers.


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